5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Greenland

Greenland is not always green, in fact, it’s the opposite because this country is located in the Arctic region where ice is abundant. It’s not all the time that it is covered in white snow, because during their summer months where the sun works until midnight, the snow melts and the plants and trees start to thrive a little. Friends of mine that own Zone Garage Saskatchewan (https://www.zonegaragesaskatchewan.ca/) have made Greenland a regular destination for their family vacations because of it’s sheer beauty and things to see. Nature in Greenland is unspoiled and unchanged but that is not the only reason why you need to visit the place, read through to know more.

The postcard-worthy town of Tasiilaq is famous for their colorful and almost identical-looking houses. It is also considered as the main gateway of Greenland to the world with regular flights daily, a busy seaport, and its long tourism history makes it the “face of Greenland towards the world”. You can never go wrong n visiting Tasiilaq because there are multitudes of activities you can do whether it be for summer or winter.

Blue River
The pristine waters of the Blue River is another wonder that Greenland is proud of. Its crystal clear waters from the melting ice of the Peterman Glacier is one of the best place to go kayaking in the country. Kayaks are as old as the first people who came to Greenland, and this culture evolved to tourism as many companies now offer kayaking tours to see the beautiful Inuit sceneries on a different perspective.

Northeast Greenland National Park
The Northeast Greenland National Park is the largest in the whole world, protecting up to 972,000 sq km of undisturbed wildlife and vast landscapes. This Arctic paradise is not built for human accommodation because of its inaccessibility and sheer vastness, which is all the more better to the flora and fauna of this park. Polar bears, musk oxen, barren-ground caribou and the Arctic wolves are just some of the famous inhabitants of the area. Cruises can be booked and are the best mode of experiencing this Arctic sceneries with a big chance of seeing the polar bears and walruses on the coast.

Aurora Borealis
Although Greenland is not the most popular place for Northern Lights chasers, tourists who travel here are still treated with this spectacular light display. As long as you have dark clear skies, you’ll definitely get a chance to see the Northern Lights even amongst the city lights or in an isolated area, the lights will be nonstop in showcasing its magnificence.

Ilulissat Icefjord
By plane or ferry, a visit to this unique natural phenomenon is a must. A trip to Greenland would never be complete if you won’t see a glacier or iceberg. While most of the icebergs are lurking in the icy waters, the Ilulissat Icefjord, however, is the fastest glacier in the world. An aerial view of the many colossal icebergs are just amazing.